Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Meetings - Madness or Sanity?

The worst meetings I've ever seen
Accomplish absolutely nothing.
They last too many hours
And leave us feeling most sour.

The best meetings I've attended
Run quickly, smoothly,
And leave none offended.
Through careful planning,
They accomplish their task,
Even where problems
And solutions are unmasked.

My favorite meeting I'll tell
Was the one not held. . .
It allowed me more time
To handle goals of mine.

Published with permission of author from the meeting management book"R.A.!R. A. ! A meeting Wizard's Approach: by Shirley Fine Lee

1 comment:

C said...

I appreciate when people let me know meetings are cancelled so I can do other stuff like the poem says. It is not fun sitting in an empty room waiting for people who don't come or reveiwing endless data to make a decision that can not be made because key people are not available.

The RARA approach from the book does improve meetings. Using roles, agenda, records, and actions as the norm makes meetings run better.